Head first with vim specific helpfile

Jaysinh Shukla

This talk will provide initial guidelines on writing vim helpfiles. User documentation is one of the important aspects of any software. Because vim has a great functionality of dealing helpfile inside the editor, it is very important to write helpfile accessible inside vim editor and not anywhere else. Ideally, the talk will cover below points.

  • Discuss the importance of editor specific helpfile.
  • Basics syntax of vim helpfile.
  • How to format your helpfile.
  • Loading any helpfile to your vim editor.
  • Accessing loaded helpfile.
  • Guide on combining helpfile with your plugin so it recognized by plugin manager.

Background story

Recently I was trying to observe various vim plugins helpful for writers. Some commonly suggested goyo. I was shocked to find that this plugin was not contained any vim specific helpfile. I request the author to take the responsibility of writing vim specific helpfile for this plugin, but he didn't agree with that decision at that time reference. I decided to write the helpfile for goyo plugin and wrote goyo-doc. By doing this task I learned the syntax of vim helpfile. I think it is good to discuss the importance of vim specific helpfile with a community and guide them on writing them.

Blog post: “goyo-doc: Vim helpfile for goyo.vim plugin”