VIM for PHP developers. The best editor with all IDE features.

RaĆ¼l Torralba Adsuara

Everybody knows that VIM is the best and fastest text editor, but some PHP developers change it for other IDEs like PHPStorm, Netbeans... In this talk we will explain that you can to have the best editor and all necessary features that we must find in a complete IDE at the same time:

File Management

  • Project tree
  • Fuzzy finder file opening
  • Tabs (Buffers)
  • Search and replace
  • Entire project search
  • Syntax checking and highlighting
  • Coding standards checking

Code generation

  • Code completion
  • Snippets
  • Emmet
  • Refactoring
  • PHP use injection and checking
  • Jump to de declaration

GIT integration

  • Fugitive. Awesome GIT operations interface
  • Show changes in file and project tree
  • Advenced GIT browser


  • Debug
  • Bonus track. Useful VIM edition tricks for PHP/Web developers