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Vim Mapathon - An advanced introduction to maps

Wolfgang Mehner

I will highlight some of the more advanced uses of maps:

  • Extending maps with expressions and VimScript
  • Maps for the Vim command-line
  • A short digression on custom completion for ex-commands (using tab) [*]
  • Custom completion on the command-line using maps (e.g. CTRL+P style completion)
  • Putting it all together to make your plug-ins (in lack of a better word) sparkle [*]
With a bit of effort and a few recurring tricks you can match or even improve upon the comfort the command-line completion your shell offers. Authors of plug-ins will hopefully find some interesting suggestions, but normal users of Vim can improve their workflow as well.

Neovim – The Historian's Best Friend

Ramon Voges

Historians write a lot of text. A helpful and supportive editor is crucial for their day to day work. In this talk I will introduce some of neo/vim's features and plugins I find most useful while dealing with text. Apart from several vim commands and settings, I will go into detail especially with regard to editing LaTeX and markdown files as well as using git.

Head first with vim specific helpfile

Jaysinh Shukla

This talk will provide initial guidelines on writing vim helpfiles. User documentation is one of the important aspects of any software. Because vim has a great functionality of dealing helpfile inside the editor, it is very important to write helpfile accessible inside vim editor and not anywhere else. Ideally, the talk will cover below points.

  • Discuss the importance of editor specific helpfile.
  • Basics syntax of vim helpfile.
  • How to format your helpfile.
  • Loading any helpfile to your vim editor.
  • Accessing loaded helpfile.
  • Guide on combining helpfile with your plugin so it recognized by plugin manager.

Background story

Recently I was trying to observe various vim plugins helpful for writers. Some commonly suggested goyo. I was shocked to find that this plugin was not contained any vim specific helpfile. I request the author to take the responsibility of writing vim specific helpfile for this plugin, but he didn't agree with that decision at that time reference. I decided to write the helpfile for goyo plugin and wrote goyo-doc. By doing this task I learned the syntax of vim helpfile. I think it is good to discuss the importance of vim specific helpfile with a community and guide them on writing them.

Blog post: “goyo-doc: Vim helpfile for goyo.vim plugin”

VIM for PHP developers. The best editor with all IDE features.

Raül Torralba Adsuara

Everybody knows that VIM is the best and fastest text editor, but some PHP developers change it for other IDEs like PHPStorm, Netbeans... In this talk we will explain that you can to have the best editor and all necessary features that we must find in a complete IDE at the same time:

File Management

  • Project tree
  • Fuzzy finder file opening
  • Tabs (Buffers)
  • Search and replace
  • Entire project search
  • Syntax checking and highlighting
  • Coding standards checking

Code generation

  • Code completion
  • Snippets
  • Emmet
  • Refactoring
  • PHP use injection and checking
  • Jump to de declaration

GIT integration

  • Fugitive. Awesome GIT operations interface
  • Show changes in file and project tree
  • Advenced GIT browser


  • Debug
  • Bonus track. Useful VIM edition tricks for PHP/Web developers

Location for Vimfest 2017

We are happy to announce Büro 2.0 as the host for Vimfest 2017.

Here is the exact location of the place:

  Büro 2.0
  Weigandufer 45,
  12059 Berlin

Python unit testing

Daniel Siepmann

How to add unit test to your Neovim Python plugin and executing them via vim-test
inside Neovim.

Talk My quest for PHP Intellisense in VIM

Daniel Leech

VIM currently lacks many of the introspection and completion features (Intellisense) for PHP that are taken from granted in IDEs such as PHPStorm. Despite this handicap many PHP developers still opt to use VIM because of its speed and power.

The reason for this lack would perhaps be the amount of time and effort required to implement these features, many projects have been started, none (of which I am aware) have succeeded in becoming stable solutions.

In this talk Dan will discuss his view of the quest for PHP intellisense in VIM and a new PHP refactoring tool (and VIM plugin) which he has been working on.

Writing NeoVim Plugins using Python Plugin API

Daniel Siepmann

I've written my first NeoVim plugin using the new Plugin API and Python 3, see python-client. I will introduce how to write plugins using the new API.

My theory of VIM the IDE for vimfest 2017 by Matt Behrens

Matt Behrens

I would like to highlight the abilities that I have assembled, to make Vim a good IDE for any language. These abilities involve easy file searching, grepping, syntax highlighting, and formatting of code to start. Sometimes there is a builtin way to accomplish something, sometimes through finding the right plugin, and sometimes through hacking up some Vimscript. Often, there are multiple ways of accomplishing something and you are free to make the choice. I'd like to share the choices I've made and hopefully improve your experience in VIM.

Signup for Vimfest 2017

If you plan to visit our event this year, please signup on doodle.

Please mark on which days you want to be at the event, what kind of food you eat (carni, veget, vegan), and if you need help finding with an accommodation.

Let us know if you want to attend so that we can plan the location and program around Vimfest.

Voices for Vimfest 2017


„Vimfest was a small but fine event. Because of the interesting talks and discussions I want to go there again.”

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„This talk will be held at Vimfest 2016 in Berlin. It will introduce you to Git and provide the minimum necessary information to get started using Git on a daily basis ...”

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Vimfest 2016 recap

The group of Vimfest visitors in 2016. You can find more images on flickr.

Matthias Günther


Daniel Siepmann


Justin M. Keyes


Dmitry Maksimov


Daniel Hahler


Sven Guckes



Links to articles about Vimfest 2016


The following talks have been recorded

Introduction to Git for daily usage, gitconfig tweaks, diff-highlight, meld, git-lfs by Daniel Siepmann

zshbuch, tldr, Das Git Buch, awesome list, taskwarrior by Daniel Siepmann

Neovim philosophy and features part I by Justin M. Keyes

Neovim philosophy and features part II by Justin M. Keyes

Neovim philosophy and features part III by Justin M. Keyes