Talk My quest for PHP Intellisense in VIM

Daniel Leech

VIM currently lacks many of the introspection and completion features (Intellisense) for PHP that are taken from granted in IDEs such as PHPStorm. Despite this handicap many PHP developers still opt to use VIM because of its speed and power.

The reason for this lack would perhaps be the amount of time and effort required to implement these features, many projects have been started, none (of which I am aware) have succeeded in becoming stable solutions.

In this talk Dan will discuss his view of the quest for PHP intellisense in VIM and a new PHP refactoring tool (and VIM plugin) which he has been working on.

Talk My theory of VIM the IDE for vimfest 2017 by Matt Behrens

Matt Behrens

I would like to highlight the abilities that I have assembled, to make Vim a good IDE for any language. These abilities involve easy file searching, grepping, syntax highlighting, and formatting of code to start. Sometimes there is a builtin way to accomplish something, sometimes through finding the right plugin, and sometimes through hacking up some Vimscript. Often, there are multiple ways of accomplishing something and you are free to make the choice. I'd like to share the choices I've made and hopefully improve your experience in VIM.

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Voices for Vimfest 2017


„Vimfest was a small but fine event. Because of the interesting talks and discussions I want to go there again.”

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„This talk will be held at Vimfest 2016 in Berlin. It will introduce you to Git and provide the minimum necessary information to get started using Git on a daily basis ...”

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Vimfest 2016 recap

The group of Vimfest visitors in 2016. You can find more images on flickr.

Matthias Günther


Daniel Siepmann


Justin M. Keyes


Dmitry Maksimov


Daniel Hahler


Sven Guckes




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