Vimfest 2016

Vimfest Berlin 2016 is the second community-driven Vim "Hackathon", happening the weekend of 16 – 18 September at Individual Network Berlin e.V. in Berlin, organized by the Vim Berlin user group and Vim enthusiasts from other cities.

We will spend the whole weekend on topics around the popular editor, such as: efficient ways of writing with Vim. Setting up .vimrc. Using plugins that rock, and writing plugins that rock. And also: other useful tools with vim keybindings, like mutt or newsbeuter. What ever you're interested in: Vimfest Berlin is an open space, everything is up to you!

So don't hesitate, and save the date: 16 – 18 September in Berlin: Be with us and join the very second Vimfest. Register now – try, learn and talk about the editor we all love.

Ain't enough? Wait, there's more.

Berlin is a great place that has a lot to offer. Once having many Vim lovers and interested people united at one place, we'll use the opportunity and, guided by our locals, go find some of the most interesting buffers of Berlin and celebrate Vim a bit at Saturday night.

Matthias Günther, Tim Quellmalz, and Sven Guckes

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  • Agenda


    The agenda is available.

  • Location - Individual Network Berlin e.V.


    Will be Individual Network Berlin e.V.,Lehrter Str. 53, 10557 Berlin- more details under location.

  • Recap Vimfest 2015


    Read under Vimfest Recap 2015 what people learned last year.

  • Voices from last year


    Read under voices what people are saying about Vimfest 2015.

  • Vimfest is back and got a date 16 - 18 September 2016


    Last year was a success and we want to make the magic happen again. It will take place on the 16 - 18 September 2016. The location needs to be confirmed.

We are happy to announce Individual Network Berlin e.V. as the host for Vimfest 2016.

Here is the exact location of the place:

    Individual Network Berlin e.V.
    Lehrter Str. 53
    10557 Berlin

Friday, 16 September



Work on your personal projects, talk to others, explain your workflow …



Work on your personal projects, talk to others, explain your workflow …



Work on your personal projects, talk to others, explain your workflow …

Dinner + Drinks

Saturday, 17 September
(Talks, Tools, Questions)


Introduction to Git for daily usage

Daniel Siepmann

Daniel will tell us how to use git on a daily basis


Vim 8.0

Bram Moolenaar

Vim 8.0 is going to have many interesting features. After that there will be a Q&A session.

Lightning talks

Various people

Bits and pieces of my Vim setup - Daniel Hahler

Dinner + Drinks

Sunday, 18 September
(Hacking, Lessons learned)



Daniel Siepmann

Idealist, Vim, zsh, tmux, Debugger, Backend Developer, TYPO3

Matthias Günther

Writing padrinobook, running vimberlin, updating padrinorb, sreencasting @padrinocasts and organizing @vim_fest

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